Hewdog Racing claims National Title

A phenomenal results at the Canadian Masters Road race in Victoria earns our rider Chris Worsfold the red and white national champs jersey. As a two man team with his brother Mo they took on the biggest field of the weekend and walked away with a masterpiece of a win. We grabbed some details on how the race went.

“The Road Race Championships’ gruelling course with its unrelenting and unyielding hills made the race strategy favour outlasting, rather than outracing the others. During the race I tried to go with the dangerous moves while my twin brother pushed the pace on the climbs to tire out the legs of the competition.

I tried to stay conservative and not burn too many matches hoping that the race would come down to a small field sprint. On the last lap a few attacks went up the road but I stayed patient and the field all came back together and I waited until the last 100meters to open up my sprint for the win.”
We couldn’t have asked for anything more from our boys who built their seasons perfectly for this event. Clearly coming into phenomenal form the “Twins” will now face off in some american crit racing before showing their faces at superweek and bringing home more results.

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