New recruit delivers at Alberta crit Championships

Recent addition to Hewdog Racing Seth Cowie brings home another win for Hewdog in the form of a win at the Alberta provincial criterium championships. How the Race unfolded:

“Canmore- counter attacked after the first move on lap 2, was off the front by a tiny bit when Warren Muir bridged up. Worked well as the lead out project let up and allowed the two of us to open a gap. We got up to a 40 second gap on the field. Worked well together with me doing about 60% of the work. With a lap and a half to go he sat on my wheel and wouldn’t pull through, So I let up on the pace. The field gained about 10 seconds on us in the final lap and I went up against the fence after the final corner and we watched each other until Warren started his sprint which is when I did having the better part of a bike length on him. We were side by side but I managed to get him by a 1/4 wheel at the line”


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