Hewdog Racing claims National Title

A phenomenal results at the Canadian Masters Road race in Victoria earns our rider Chris Worsfold the red and white national champs jersey. As a two man team with his brother Mo they took on the biggest field of the weekend and walked away with a masterpiece of a win. We grabbed some details on how the race went.

“The Road Race Championships’ gruelling course with its unrelenting and unyielding hills made the race strategy favour outlasting, rather than outracing the others. During the race I tried to go with the dangerous moves while my twin brother pushed the pace on the climbs to tire out the legs of the competition.

I tried to stay conservative and not burn too many matches hoping that the race would come down to a small field sprint. On the last lap a few attacks went up the road but I stayed patient and the field all came back together and I waited until the last 100meters to open up my sprint for the win.”
We couldn’t have asked for anything more from our boys who built their seasons perfectly for this event. Clearly coming into phenomenal form the “Twins” will now face off in some american crit racing before showing their faces at superweek and bringing home more results.

New recruit delivers at Alberta crit Championships

Recent addition to Hewdog Racing Seth Cowie brings home another win for Hewdog in the form of a win at the Alberta provincial criterium championships. How the Race unfolded:

“Canmore- counter attacked after the first move on lap 2, was off the front by a tiny bit when Warren Muir bridged up. Worked well as the lead out project let up and allowed the two of us to open a gap. We got up to a 40 second gap on the field. Worked well together with me doing about 60% of the work. With a lap and a half to go he sat on my wheel and wouldn’t pull through, So I let up on the pace. The field gained about 10 seconds on us in the final lap and I went up against the fence after the final corner and we watched each other until Warren started his sprint which is when I did having the better part of a bike length on him. We were side by side but I managed to get him by a 1/4 wheel at the line”


Cowley slides into 4th at Ballard Crit

On a miserable day that saw most of the field crash out or be removed from the race Brendan Cowley thrived in these typical PNW conditions. The race from his perspective:

“Ballard was a wet and slippery crit this year. It was raining off and on all day and for a while looked like it was going to be dry for the men’s race. Thirty minutes before start the heavens opened and the brick work on the roads because an ice rink. I knew it was going to be hairy so I got myself a good starting position. When the race started I made sure I was in the top five. That meant I had to follow attacks but it was worth burning my matches early to stay upright. Two laps in and the first major crash happened. It split the group and eleven riders broke away. I made the split and that was it. The rest of the field was pulled from the race and we were left with twelve riders. Nothing noteworthy happened for the next bit so I’ll skip to one lap to go when a crash took out eight riders on the third to last corner. I dodged the crash and sprinted for third getting beat at the line by a few inches.”


Team Roster and Sponsor list for 2018

The Northcoast Lumber 1 Elite Mens Race team will return for the 2018 Race Season as Hewdog Cycling. Hewdog takes over as primary sponsor along with many new and returning sponsors to help propel the team to a successful season. Bike sponsor switches to BH bikes and shop support comes from North Shore Road Bike.

List of Sponsors for 2018:

  • Hewdog Athletics
  • BH bikes
  • North Shore Road Bike
  • F2C
  • Pearl Izumi
  • Carerra Projects
  • FIPS Contracting
  • Buzz Velo
  • NTSQ Velo
  • Tower Fitness

The Elite Rider list is a mix of old faces and new talent. Isaac Niles, Brendan Cowley, Sean Henry, Alex Fraser-Maraun and Patrick Riddell return to the team for another season. New additions come in the form of Mason Burtnik, Adam Holcombe(Gastown Racing), Aidan Livesey(Leadout Project), Marc Dupuis and Jackson Bocksnick(Victoria Wheelers).

Elite Team:

  • Jackson Bocksnick
  • Mason Burtnik
  • Brendan Cowley
  • Marc Dupuis
  • Alex Fraser-Maraun
  • Adam Holcombe
  • Aidan Livesey
  • Sean Henry
  • Issac Niles
  • Patrick Riddell


Masters Team:

  • Duncan Fairclough
  • Anthony Ferrari
  • Rusulan Gadzhiev
  • Eric Mills
  • Chris Worsfold
  • Maurice Worsfold


Director: Steven Hewick