The Roster

Our team is composed of a variety of talent. We have sprinters, climbers, and breakaway specialists, with ages ranging from 18 to 30 years old. We like to say that our variety gives us our strength. Check out our riders and management below.



Alexander Fraser-Maraun

Rider Type: Climber / GC
Roll on the Team: New guy
Favorite Pro: Michael Woods
Random/Quirky Fact: I’m fiercely proud of my leg tan lines
Favorite F2C Product: Lemon Lime Hydra-Durance



Brendan Cowley

Rider Type: Punchy climber
Roll on the Team: Development rider / Young gun team clown
Favourite Pro: Domenico Pozzovivo
Random/Quirky Fact: Sci-fi fan and I hate shaving my legs
Favorite F2C Product: Strawberry Kiwi Glyco-Durance


Brandon Jones

Rider Type: Big ring grinder
Roll on the Team: Domestique / Comic relief
Favourite Pro: Svein Tuft
Random/Quirky Fact: Once ran Boston Marathon on a whim
Favorite F2C Product: Strawberry Banana Endurance 5:1


Eric Mills

Rider Type: Puncheur
Roll on the Team: Domestique  / Coffee Guy
Favourite Pro: Geraint Thomas
Random/Quirky Fact: Played competitive water polo for 12 years
Favorite F2C Product: Chocolate Natural Pharma-Pure


Sean Henry

Rider Type: Diesel Engine
Roll on the Team: Domestique
Favourite Pro: Peter Sagan
Random/Quirky Fact: Started cycling career in Switzerland
Favorite F2C Product: Fruit Punch Amino-Durance


Patrick Riddell

Rider Type: Puncheur
Roll on the Team: Sprinter
Favourite Pro: Alejandro Valverde 
Random/Quirky Fact: I like long walks on a beach with a good slice of pizza in hand
Favorite F2C Product: Orange Ultra-Durance



Normand Richard

Rider Type: Time Trialist / Rouleur
Roll on the Team: Road Leader / Mature adult
Favourite Pro: Tony Martin
Random/Quirky Fact: I used to be a canoe guide
Favorite F2C Product: Electro-Durance


Nicholas Jones

Rider Type: Break away and leadouts
Roll on the Team: Leadout man
Favourite Pro: Andy Schleck
Random/Quirky Fact: Plays in a Beatles cover band
Favorite F2C Product: Coffee Mocha Whey-Pure


Duncan Fairclough

Rider Type: Breakaway
Roll on the Team: Making sure our taxes are legit
Favourite Pro: Andy Schleck
Random/Quirky Fact: Enjoys fishing
Favorite F2C Product: Chocolate Rehab 3:1

Isaac Niles

Rider Type: Mountain Bike Specialist and GC rider
Roll on the Team: Crit rider and road rider
Favourite Pro: Andy Schleck
Random/Quirky Fact: Enjoys Albertan beef
Favorite F2C Product: Chocolate Explosion Natural Whey-Pure Energy