The Sponsors


We are proud to present our sponsors for the 2017 season.


North Coast Lumbar 1: Centrally located in the Lower Mainland, we have you covered for everything from lumber, plywood and hardware to siding, landscaping and finishing. Serving the building industry since 1954!


Giant White Rock: Located in Grandview Corners, Giant White Rock is dedicated to giving you the best customer service experience possible. We build, test and provide professional back up service to every single Giant Bicycle that we sell.


Rudy Project North America: Maker of the best and coolest sunglasses and helmets. Trusted by many professional and amateur cycling Rudy Project has been around since 1985 and is only getting bigger.


NTSQ Velo: Founded by the desire to see more of the world from two wheels.  The team behind NTSQ Velo are leaders in the event creation space, and are dedicated to the mission that each guest leaves our retreats feeling like it was created, just for them. We are cyclists, creators and we’re here to ensure all of your needs to catered to.


F2C Nutrition: F2C Nutrition is an athlete focused, science driven sport nutrition company, supporting athletes by delivering premium quality, clean products.  We believe nutrition education is key to an athlete’s optimum performance and success. F2C Nutrition is Informed Sport Certified. F2C Nutrition products carrying the Informed Sport Logo undergoes rigorous testing and assures athletes that every batch of our product is tested for substances considered prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Learn more about F2C Nutrition at  


Corvus Ceramic Tile: Bringing over 10 years experience to your project, providing expert advice, professional service, and top quality work. From commercial high-rises to your custom home, our work always meets the highest standards in the industry.


Stylus, Made to Order Sofa: Established in 1959, Stylus, Made to Order Sofas is one of Canada’s largest furniture manufacturers. Stylus operates two locations in greater Vancouver in addition to showrooms located in Vancouver and Las Vegas. Stylus employs more than 180 people. Stylus products may be purchased through better furniture stores across Canada and throughout the Western United States.




Sorensen Parker Creative:Based out of Langley, Sorensen Parker Creative (SPC) was created to get back into the local communities. With a direct and straight forward business approach, SPC is focused on creating design solutions that work best for you and your project. Whether it’s something as small as business cards ro conceptual design from the ground up, each project is as important as the other. SPC’s goal is to empower clients with trend setting & innovative tools that will help set their business apart from the competition. 



Catalyst Kinetics: The interdisciplinary team of doctors, chiropractors, physiologists, kinesiologists, therapists, trainers and coaches work side-by-side to determine who you are and oversee your progress each step of the way. Whether you are competing at the professional level, are a weekend warrior, or simply enjoin being active, doesn’t matter  what drives us is the opportunity to help you move forward in healing and success.