The Sponsors

We are proud to present our sponsors for the 2018 season.



BH Bikes has been for over a century a synonym of bicycles, cycling, sportsmanship and self-improvement. Many children have given their first and hesitant turn of the pedals with a BH bicycle, and legendary cyclists have also been created on many of these bikes.

       north road

When we started North Shore Road Bike, Dave Usher, in addition to being the owner, was the mechanic, bike-fitter, salesman, web master and janitor. This was one of the real strengths of the shop, and even though we are now a three “man” show, we are all still hands-on: you don’t describe your repair in detail to a senior mechanic who hands the repair off to a young kid in the back of the shop. The service area is front and center in the shop. You can see everything we are working on and be assured that your bike is being expertly repaired with the skills obtained through more than 25 years working with Shimano, Campy, SRAM and most other components.


Growing up in California surfing, skating, and snowboarding, Anthony Sinyard was always confused why cycling gear/clothing was so dull. 80’s surf brands like T&C Surf, Quiksilver, & Santa Cruz really used vibrant colors.

As a UCI pro Anthony searched far and near for bike brand that emulated the captivating swagger of his favorite surf/skate brands, after coming up empty handed, the idea spawned to create his own brand. A brand which fused high-performance and vibrant style, he called it SUPACAZ.


Williams is a collection of skilled individuals who serve cycling enthusiasts, amateur and professional athletes around the world. Their passion drives their desire to provide their customers with light, stiff and durable products. They strive to deliver products without compromise.

  • Technology driven. Whether you are racing at the highest level or looking to improve performance, their technical driven designs will enhance your riding experience.
  • Quality control. Never leave anything to chance when it comes to rider safety. They use extensive machine product testing to ensure each product performs according to the strictest standards.
  • Customer Service. They take pride in our exceptional customer service and supporting our dealer network.
  • Part of the community. Williams supports professional, amateur and individual athletes.


As a bike shop owner in Belgium, Ard Kessels had one big frustration: sending expensive bicycles out with the stock bearings that came with the frames or complete bikes.

We all understand that ball bearings are at the bottom of every spec sheet when product managers assemble bikes for the catalog and new model year, so it’s almost a given that they are the cheapest available.

These Low quality steel products tend to not gel well with the Belgian climate, where riding on wet roads is a given.

Fast forward to 2013. Kogel Bearings was established in a 5×10 foot storage unit in Ard’s newly adopted US hometown El Paso, TX.

The goals were clear from the beginning:

  1. Make the high end bearings that fit a premium bike.
  2. Develop specific seals for road and off road use, since they have different requirements.
  3. Design a line of bottom brackets that will eliminate the use of adapters.

Following the motto “Just because it fits, doesn’t make it right” has sent Kogel on a mission to develop a native solution for (almost) every combination of crank and frame. In 2017 we are still fighting that battle. It seems that frame manufacturers have not grown tired of reinventing a hole in a frame.

Working with top level racers in road cyclingcyclocross and mountain biking, we constantly gather feedback about our products and tweak them for better performance.


Mercury Wheels prides itself on designing the fastest, most reliable and stiffest wheel set possible, but we never rest on our previous masterpiece. We place a strong emphasis in researching, developing and testing new materials to lighten and make our wheels stronger.  We comb through aerodynamic data finding new rim profiles to make our wheels more aero.  We will leave no stone unturned to ensure you have the highest performing wheels on the market.


To effectively integrate people, processes, and technology in order to maximize the full potential of a commercial building, business, or property.



Buzz Velo is cycling’s freshest news source.

Buzz Velo is a revolutionary new take on the news, public relations and athlete marketing industries across global cycling and triathlon.

Using our artificial intelligence (nicknamed Johnny Velo), Buzz Velo delivers the types of cycling and triathlon stories you love, and nothing else. Your weekly buzz will be directed to your Facebook Messenger, and the more you interact with Johnny on Messenger, the more perfect he’ll be in predicting your tastes.


NTSQ Velo: Founded by the desire to see more of the world from two wheels.  The team behind NTSQ Velo are leaders in the event creation space, and are dedicated to the mission that each guest leaves our retreats feeling like it was created, just for them. We are cyclists, creators and we’re here to ensure all of your needs to catered to.


F2C Nutrition: F2C Nutrition is an athlete focused, science driven sport nutrition company, supporting athletes by delivering premium quality, clean products.  We believe nutrition education is key to an athlete’s optimum performance and success. F2C Nutrition is Informed Sport Certified. F2C Nutrition products carrying the Informed Sport Logo undergoes rigorous testing and assures athletes that every batch of our product is tested for substances considered prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Learn more about F2C Nutrition at



Sorensen Parker Creative:Based out of Langley, Sorensen Parker Creative (SPC) was created to get back into the local communities. With a direct and straight forward business approach, SPC is focused on creating design solutions that work best for you and your project. Whether it’s something as small as business cards ro conceptual design from the ground up, each project is as important as the other. SPC’s goal is to empower clients with trend setting & innovative tools that will help set their business apart from the competition


Tower Fitness Equipment Services Inc. was established in 2003 and is centrally located in Delta, British Columbia in Tilbury Industrial Park to provide convenient, on-site service and fitness equipment sales throughout British Columbia. Tower Fitness works hard to provide the highest quality service.